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Youthful and bright eyes again!

Significant facial aging changes usually begin around the eyes  The goal of aesthetic eyelid surgery is to restore a fresh appearance to this area. This is accomplished by selecting one or more of the following procedures: removing excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids,  treating the lower eyelids by removing excess fat or repositioning it and removing excess skin, lifting the eyebrows. Each component procedure is optional but has an additive beneficial effect. The proper combination of these procedures will produce a clean and fresh look around the eyes without actually changing their shape in any way. The face looks less tired without showing any telltale signs of surgery.

Upper eyelid scars are placed within the natural eyelid crease and are generally not visible with the eyes open.  They are permanent like all scars but typically are very subtle after healing is complete. Lower eyelid scars are under the eyelash line in order to remove the excess skin and the fat pouches. This incision also heals extremely well and is difficult to detect.

Sometimes hooded upper eyelids are due primarily to sagging eyebrows, a condition best treated with a combination of upper eyelid surgery and a browlift. It is usually accomplished through a incision within the scalp above the hairline on each side.  The forehead skin is then loosened and lifted. This method is essentially a simplified endoscopic technique.

Aesthetic eyelid surgery is  an outpatient procedure. It usually takes about one hour.  More advanced conditions may require two hours and a browlift, if necessary, adds another 45 minutes. This is performed under general anesthesia.

Ice compresses are applied to the eyelid area after surgery and are continued for 24 hours. The eyes are not bandaged. There is usually slight discomfort following surgery but many patients do not require pain medication.  Vision is normally slightly blurred for the first few days after which reading may resume. Browlifts may cause more discomfort.

Eyelid sutures are generally removed by 6-7 days and browlift sutures  by one week.  Swelling and discoloration is expected following surgery and usually resolves in two weeks.  A light cover-up may be applied to the lower eyelids beginning one week after surgery.  For women, other facial and eyelid makeup including mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner may be conservatively applied beginning one week after surgery. 

Most individuals are able to resume most of their normal activities one week after eyelid surgery, and by two weeks if either a browlift has also been performed. This includes going to work if residual bruising or skin redness is not objectionable. Jogging, aerobics, bicycling, and other non-contact and non-ball sports can be slowly resumed beginning three weeks after surgery. Ball sports should be avoided for six weeks.

Eyelid and brow surgery is seldom associated with complications and are among the safest aesthetic procedures performed. Infection or eye irritation can occur but typically are self-limited problems. Permanent nerve injury is possible with browlifts but is also a rare occurrence.

The beneficial effects of eyelid surgery last for decades.  Browlifts rarely need to be revised or repeated. While some individuals slowly develop a small amount of additional excess upper eyelid skin after many years, most patients have only one operation and remain pleased with the appearance of their eyes.

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