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One of a woman’s most powerful weapons are beautiful breasts. But mother nature did not grant everyone the same share. Luckily, plastic surgery has found a solution for this problem that affects so many women.
Originally we used silicone implants, but now we have discovered a new revolutionary method – permanent breast augmentation with your own body fat! This is no longer just a dream for most women. Surgeons and scientists have finally inducted this method into the world of plastic surgery. With the help of the Bodyjet device a professional surgeon first obtains vital fat cells together with basic cells, mixes them together in the Lipolector and then implants them into each breast. The price for this life-changing treatment is about the same as for standard breast implants. This new hit is more and more popular with many woman especially those seeking the natural sexy look and other advantages.

If you decide for this newest method of breast enlargement – using your own body fat – then you have just taken the first step to transformation and a confidence boost. It is obvious that a person has to have a lots of courage if undergoing esthetic or plastic surgery, and also be willing to change their life. So it is wise to take some time to ponder your options and choose the best possible procedure. As we have already said, we consider breast enlargement with your own body fat the most natural method for enhancing your beautiful bust. This global hit in the field of plastic surgery is already practised in Czech clinics by internationally-trained surgeons.

Fat transmission or “two in one”!

Clearly to enlarge breasts with your own body fat, you first have to remove the fat from places that suffer from excessive fat, usually from the inner thighs, the stomach, the underarms, the hips, or the outer thighs. For breast enlargement it is necessary to remove fat from two or three of these areas. This operation is even suitable for skinny girls, but with a limited amount of fat.

Thanks to the Bodyjet device the surgery is minimally-invasive – it is the most gentle and painless liposuction where whole fat tissues are removed from one part of the body and transferred to another. A professional surgeon can remodel you with this method, creating your perfect body, removing excess fat and enlarging your breasts by about two sizes. Because there are hundreds more steam cells in fat tissues then in other tissues, there is a perfect balance of cells in the lipolector and the tissues heal rapidly.

Benefits of the new global phenomenon

The enlargement is carried under local anaesthetic, which is much easier on the body than general anaesthetic. The operation takes about three hours. The Bodyjet device is gentle to the tissues. The client can watch the entire operation and communicate with the surgeon or support team without feeling any pain. The final shape and size of the breast is seen just after the surgery and the client can discuss the shape and size with the surgeon while the operation is performed. After recovery the breast retains 80% of its original enlarged size.

It is important to note that the healing is very fast. Most clients can stop wearing their compressive underwear after seven days. The surgery does not leave noticeable scars and post-surgery risks have also not been observed. There is no risk of an allergic reaction or infection from the transferred fat as you are the donor! The restrictions to sporting activities are short term only and you won’t even need a sick note for work.

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